The Region



The local seaside town San Benedetto del Tronto lies at the heart of the Italian Adriatic coast that Italians prefer to holiday in. Take a day on the beach, enjoy a relaxing lunch in one of the seafront restaurants catch the final rays of the sun and return back to the wide palm linseed streets in the evening. Join the locals doing what the Italians do best, the promenade, for just walking and conversing in the warm Italian evening before retiring for an aperitif followed by a leisurely dinner. San Benedetto del Tronto is also at the heart of the Italian fishing industry and that means seafood of an unparalleled standard.


The Sibilini Mountains National Park is within easy driving distance and provides an opportunity for exploring the wilder side of Italy. Castles and churches abound with each village seeming to be home to its own church, its own fortifications and its own walk ways among the steeply verdant slopes. These slopes are also home to some of Italy’s most spectacular wildlife such as chamois deer, eagles and a wide variety of woodland birds.


Wherever you are in Marche you are never far away from history. Overlooking Hotel Abbadetta is the convent of San Francesco, reported to be the third convent established by St Frances himself but the history of the area predates even St Francis. With a documented history that traces back to the fourth century B.C. the area has been occupied by every major civilization and each town displays its own varied evidence.


Go on Treat yourself, if shopping is your bag you really should think about spoiling yourself. The region is home to many factories for multi-national designer labels and artisan brands alike. Brands such as Prada, Armani and Tods along with less well known names such as Romeo Gigli and Paolini all have factory outlet stores within easy travelling distance. The area is famed for its leather industry so look out for wonderful examples of purses, handbags, wallets and belts alongside classic Italian loafers.